Best Keno Numbers

Everyone that enjoys playing Keno will have his or her own special set of numbers or ways to select numbers for each game. Like Bingo or playing the lottery, Keno wins are obtained by a random selection of winning numbers, but unlike Bingo they are on a board without letters and range from one to eighty. You can select your wager, the number of numbers you want to select and even the number of games you want to bet those numbers on. This combination will generate your winning total based on how many of the numbers you select match with the Keno numbers drawn or randomly generated.

Board Set-Up

The Keno board is set up with the square with the number one in the top left corner and consecutive numbers to ten across the top row. The next row starts with 11 and runs through to 20, which is the same pattern continued until the last number in the bottom right row, which is 80. This board set up allows for a variety of options when choosing the best Keno numbers.

Players Like Patterns

Some players like patterns on the board and opt to choose the four corners, 1,10,71 and 80 and then make diagonals, straight lines or cross type patterns. Other players may opt to create their initial or a favorite shape such as a square or triangle in the game board, selecting numbers that form this pattern. Players may also want to play blocks of numbers such as four numbers in a square in the middle of the board plus the corner numbers or one in from the corner. Any pattern is good since all are just as likely to be the right spot to bet on.

Odds And Evens

Many players have an affinity for choosing odd or even numbers or multiples of a favorite numbers. Other players may want to choose inverted numbers such as 24 and 42, 36 and 63 and so on. You can choose multiples, add a number through the board, or any other mathematical progression that strikes you as lucky.

Favorite Numbers

Favorite numbers are sometimes the best Keno numbers and can includes anniversary dates, birthdays, phone numbers, addresses and, of course, everyone has a favorite number they love to play. If you do end up winning big on Keno you may find you have a new set of favorite numbers, after all you just never know with this face paced and exciting game.