Keno Strategy

Keno is a great game for experienced gamblers and those that are brand new at the pastime. Since the game is really a game of chance more than skill, there aren't a lot of Keno strategies that you can immediately use, but if you pay attention the game you may discover a few tricks.

Online Keno Strategy Starts With Research

One of the great features about any type of online gaming is that there is readily available information about the payout schedules for games. This information tells the gambler how big of a percentage of payouts occurred on a specific online Keno game. A good strategic way to play the game is to look for online Keno games that have a high payout percentage. This doesn't guarantee that you will win big but it does provide proven potential for winning more frequently.

Play To Have Fun

As with any type of wager, playing to have fun is the key to enjoying Keno. Strategy can start with being well rested, knowing your bankroll and selecting your wager amount to allow you the longest time possible at the game. Of course the longer you sit and play the more you may notice a hot number or group of numbers on the board, which can happen even in very random types of number generation. If you do notice a number that seems to come up frequently, add it to your selection of spots on the board and see if it pays off.

Staying With The Same Numbers Or Changing Frequently

Some Keno players have a set of numbers they play all the time on every game. Other players opt for a more eclectic approach where there may be a variety of patterns, favorite numbers or even random numbers played. Both options offer good strategic play. Changing numbers frequently can help you match the random generations while staying with the same numbers, if none are matched, may increase your odds of matching a greater number per game when they do hit.

Keno Strategy With Spots Selected

The number of spots you select on the Keno board is also a Keno strategy. The lower the number of spots selected the bigger the payoff if they match. However, you also have fewer chances of hitting all the numbers just because of the law of probability. Balancing between the number of spots selected and the payout percentage will typically be the most profitable option, however any combination can be a winning choice.