Mobile Keno

Whether you have an iPhone, Blackberry, PDA, or Smartphone, you now have the opportunity to play mobile Keno at Bovada’s Mobile Casino. At a time when new mobile devices are emerging so quickly, Bovada Mobile Casino has made it easy for mobile users to play Keno on their electronic devices.

Bovada Player Account

Using your existing Bovada player account information, you have the freedom to play Bovada Casino games on your mobile device anytime, anywhere. And if you don’t have a Bovada account, now is the time to join Bovada Casino and have Keno as well as other casino games readily available to you.

Bovada Mobile Keno Set Up

Bovada Mobile has a special page set up for mobile users. On this page you can determine if your mobile device is supported; how to sign up and download the mobile application; how to install the application and the sign-in process; and all other questions you may have regarding your mobile device.

Welcome Bonus

When you join Bovada Mobile, you are entitled to receive a nice bonus. Moreover, once your account is set up you can access Bovada Casino games, sportsbook, horse racing and poker sites as well. Playing Keno at Bovada Mobile has never been easier!

Join Bovada Mobile

If you have any one of the mobile devices we mentioned, now is the time to join Bovada and play Mobile Keno today! It can’t get any better than this!