Online Keno for Money

Keno dates back thousands of years to the Chinese Han dynasty when Chinese warriors who were defending their home towns started playing numbers games with old Chinese letters and symbols. Today it has developed into a worldwide game that is not only popular and easy to play but also very lucrative. When you play real money Keno, not only do you have a chance to win some handsome amounts with bets ranging from $0.10 up to $10 per coin size but you also can enjoy the fact that you are a part of history.

Tips and How to Play Real Money Online Keno

Keno is not a difficult game to understand which is part of its beauty and appeal. As a new player you can choose the play for fun option at your chosen online casino but you won’t benefit from the potential winnings that you can accumulate when playing for real money. The Keno board is made up of 80 different numbers which can be modern or traditionally decorated depending on the casino that you choose to play at. As a player you are allowed to choose up to 20 numbers in some games and 15 in others. The game begins with a lottery type ball or flyer which shoots out different numbers; the more of your numbers that match the more you stand to win. Some Keno players believe that it is better to choose only 10 numbers as the stakes are higher if you match numbers, whereas others believe the more numbers you can choose the better as it gives you a better chance of matching numbers. It’s all a lottery.

Keno Variations

Apart from the standard Keno game that is the most popular and easy to play, there are a number of different variations which can be played for real money. Power Keno is the most well known of these variations and is played in just the same way as standard Keno, the only difference being that if the last number that is thrown out from the computer is a match for one of your chosen numbers, your winnings can be quadrupled. Super Keno works the same way but the match up needs to be on the first number thrown out. Combination Keno is a game which is played with different groups of numbers on the Keno board which you can choose and group.

Online Keno Real Money United States No Deposit - Bonus Keno Games

When playing real money Keno, look out for the bonus games and of course special bonus offers which many online casinos give. As a US player you can benefit from some excellent special offers which include introductory offers and specific offers for Keno games. As yet, there haven’t been any Keno tournaments as it is a very one on one game but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t on their way too.

Keno Real Money game is what is considered a game without too much effort, you can enjoy it and benefit from its fantastic potential and still carry on doing other things while the numbers are shooting. Keno is a game of luck as the numbers that are given are sent by a random number generator, but you can also work on different mathematical formula and of course intuition which will give you a head start in any game.