Flash Keno

Flash games are quick and easy to play online and offer the gambler a terrific set of gaming options. Flash Keno is a great way to take a break from the more intensive types of online games such as roulette, blackjack and poker and just sit back and have some fun.

Flash Keno Means No Downloads

For most online players the biggest downtime is waiting for games to load. Even the best online casinos can sometimes have busy servers, resulting in longer waits for the entire game to download or to connect to the server if you are a member player. Flash Keno games take all that wait time away. Players can immediately start playing without the big casino downloads, ensuring that the maximum amount of time is spent on the game itself. It is also a perfect option for just popping online once in awhile without using up your computer memory and resources.

Big Winnings With Flash Keno

As with Keno from any online casino, the flash versions of the game are perfect for small and large wagers. With a number of different variations of Keno offered in flash format you can certainly look around and find the game you like. As with all Keno games flash options include choices for the player. Players will determine which numbers, more correctly known as spots, they want to pick on the Keno board. Typically this is done by simply clicking on the spots on the board, they will light up when selected. You can choose between 1 and a maximum number of spots, depending on the game this will be between ten and twenty. The number of spots you pick that match with the spots the game randomly generates will determine your winnings.

Flash Keno For Action

Many of the flash Keno games offer a lot of visual effects, sounds and different types of backgrounds for the player. In addition some games at online casinos have a system of marking the matches which can include the matching spots changing colors, flashing or even being recorded on a tally sheet that is off to the side of the game. One great little extra that many sites offer is an actual Keno machine that has spinning balls that drop down a ramp and show up at the bottom of the board, similar to lottery or Bingo play. These balls will also typically change color with a match, clearly letting you know if it is your lucky game.