Keno Games

Think of Keno games as bingo in reverse. Instead of marking numbers after the bingo ball appears, you predict the numbers that will appear. The more you accurately predict, the more you'll win.

History of Keno Games

Keno games originated in China. While no one is certain exactly when the game was established, it gained popularity in the 1800s when lotteries were legalized in Macao. As people immigrated to the U.S. as the western regions developed, the game was introduced and became popular here.

Today, you'll find Keno games in many online and traditional casinos. It's easy to play and extremely fun to try to beat the odds. In a 20 number Keno game, the odds of correctly guessing all 20 numbers is about 1 in 1.35 quintillion. It can happen though. Meanwhile, the odds of winning a lower tier where you double or triple your winnings is much easier to achieve.

Basic Keno Games Rules

Just about every online casino offers Keno games. There are variations between paytables, but basic game play is the same no matter where you play. You start with four Keno games cards. They resemble bingo cards but lack letters. You mark off up to 20 numbers you feel will be chosen by the game.

The casino has 80 balls. During each round of Keno games, 20 balls are randomly selected. When the numbers you've selected on your card match the ball chosen by the Keno game, you win a point.

Paytables do vary. For example, if you play at Silver Oak Casino, you only select 15 balls. One or two correct Keno games numbers will not win you anything. However, once you have three or four balls correct, you win ½ of your original bet. Payouts are given to up to 10,000x your original bet. The more correct predictions you make, the more you win. With Go Casino, 6 correct numbers doubles your original bet and 10 correct numbers rewards you with 150x.

Go Casino allows you to bet $1 to $10. You can change your bet at the beginning of each game. Or, make your wager and then select Play 5 or Play 10 to play numerous rounds without having to change your bet or select new numbers in between.

Getting Started in Keno Games

Visit your favorite online casino. Keno games are usually found under table games. From there, it's a matter of picking your numbers and making your bet. Every casino has different paytables. You'll usually see them on the side of the screen.

When you're starting out, bet a small amount until you have a feel for the game and then feel free to increase your bet for larger winnings.

Head to your favorite casino and take advantage of current promotions. Welcome Bonuses for new players and No Deposit bonuses help boost your online players account without risking any of your own money. It's a great way to play Keno games without using up any of your own cash.