Keno Odds

Originally developed in China, this game was introduced to the Western World in around the 19th century by Chinese immigrants. There are lots of varieties of Keno, but the basic principles stay the same. Keno is basically a combined bingo and lottery game meaning there is a lot of luck in the game, but you can have fun and win some money. It’s good to know the basics and just keep you lucky numbers close to your side.

Want to know how to play Keno?

In land-based casinos Keno is played with a “bubble” which contains 80 balls and releases the balls onto a grid full of numbers. Each ball is imprinted with a number 1 through 80 and therefore you’ll learn quickly that Keno is purely a numbers game. You won’t find any crazy themes or free spins, but you will find the game is consistent in relation to probability and that odds are a regular and unchangeable part of the game. You can select so many numbers that there is a very good chance that you will “hit” some or many of them. If you have a group of lucky numbers that you like to use, say for lotteries, then you can apply those number in Keno too if you want. You just have to keep in mind and remember that five number bets have a slightly higher chance of winning than losing. You just have to understand Keno math and you will do just fine.

Good Keno Strategy

In Keno it is very difficult to hit a big jackpot, so a good strategy is to try and aim for smaller goals or play conservatively with 5 bets. If you keep the five number bets, rather than the 14 bets, then you won’t suffer any major losses and you will have better Keno odds. Besides, the chances of matching 14 number is around 1 and 139 million, so you chances of winning the jackpot is almost impossible. So if you like to play the lottery but want some action too, then Keno is good for you. If you like a mix of bingo in there, then Keno is a good game for you as well. It really is a game of luck and math and that is why some people like to play Keno. You can find the game Keno at most online casinos or online bingo halls. It’s easy to play and you can have fun taking a break from all the other casino games. Who knows, it just might turn out to be your favorite.