Keno Variations

Keno is perhaps one of the oldest lottery style casino games. It was first introduced to the United States by Chinese immigrants. Within China the game had been popular for many years, officially first appearing in the Chinese Lottery in 1847, but used a slightly different format than seen in the USA. From this early beginning many Keno variations have developed both in live game play and in online casinos offering Keno. The following are just some of the Keno variations available to online players.

Power Keno

As with many online and in house games of Keno the Power Keno game follows the rules of basic Keno but with one big exception. When a player selects 20 spots if the last Keno ball drawn or randomly generated matches one of the player's chosen spots the payout quadruples. This means that whatever the winnings are for that game are multiplied by four. Power Keno originated in Australia but is now popular in many different countries and with online games as well.

Super Keno Variations

Super Keno works on the same principles as Power Keno with one twist. The matching ball to quadruple the winnings is the first ball to be drawn or randomly generated. This makes the entire game really exciting if that first number is a hit. It is important to check the Keno variations offered by different online casinos to find just the way you want to play.

No Match Payout

Some Keno variations will pay a good bonus for actually missing out on matching any numbers on a 20 spot game. By missing a catch, with a catch being a matched number, you are actually beating the odds of this game. Some online and in house games will pay out a flat amount of several hundred to a thousand dollars if you don't match any numbers in any one game. The amount paid out on these no catch type odds are typically determined by the amount bet on the game. You do have to be playing the maximum number of spots to win this type of pot.

Groups Or Combination Keno Variations

Typically Keno variations that include grouping or combinations of numbers are played in-house, but different online games also include this option for players. Basically this allows a player to play a variety of number groupings on one bet, which the system actually records as multiple bets. It is faster for the players and allows much more gaming action all on the same online or in house casino game.