Playing Online Keno

One of the fastest growing games in the online casino world is Keno. Online Keno is a fun, fast-paced and exciting alternative to slots and table games.

Fast-paced? Exciting? Keno?

It is true. If you are familiar with the traditional brick-and-mortar casino version of Keno, you are familiar with the method of play. Players select a series of numbers on a paper slip, much like playing the Lottery, and you turn your slip over to the Keno girl who is circulating about areas like the coffee shop and the buffet in the casino. Then you sit and watch the numbers pop up on a board while you sit, for an hour or so, and sip your coffee and enjoy a late-night breakfast.

Online Keno is a very different experience. More like a cross between a card game and a slot game, the player picks his or her numbers, determines his or her bet and then pushes the Play button. Once Play is selected, the number draw begins. As a result, Keno play online moves rapidly, and the excitement is high.

Bucking the Long Odds

Players should know one thing before playing Keno. Like Keno in the brick-and-mortar casino, online Keno offers the longest odds of all casino games. It is much like playing a small-scale lottery. Like the lottery, the odds in Keno are not player friendly, but, also like the Lottery, the rewards have the potential for being vast.


The player’s actions do not affect the draw, and the draw is completely random, so Keno is not a game where strategy, per se, will have a significant impact. That said, there are some play styles that many players believe improves their odds of winning.

  1. Try playing numbers that you have not seen come up in recent draws. In fact, because the draw is completely random, this does not affect the outcome, but many players believe that it improves their luck if they go with numbers that the game has not drawn recently.
  2. Play the same numbers every time. The opposite advice is equally valid, or invalid. Nonetheless, many players believe in committing to a specific series of numbers and staying with them time after time. Again, this does not hurt your chances, but there is no scientific reason to believe that it improves your chances either.
  3. Play some successive pairs. Because of the frequency with which consecutive numbers show up on the board, many players like to pick pairs. 4 & 5 and 12 & 13, for example. Once more, there is no science here, just what some players perceive as trends.

Give Keno a Try

Although Keno is not the game that players will want to spend the majority of their online casino time with, it is a great diversion from the usual slot, card and table games. And when you do hit big, you can hit really big at Keno.