Video Keno Tips

Video keno is a very straightforward and enjoyable game. If you understand how video keno works there is a good chance that you can win some money and have a really good time doing so. The core of the game is to place a wager...then a card with 80 numbers on it are shown on the screen. You will then pick numbers from those many as you would like up to 20. Simply click on those numbers. Some casinos will only allow you to select 15 numbers so it is a good idea to read the rules over first and not assume it is 20. Obviously...the more numbers you select the more money you can win but on the other hand it is more difficult to match more numbers. A smaller selection of numbers pays out less but offers more frequent wins.

After your selections are locked in the computer randomly generates 20 numbers to be the winning numbers. While you can win by matching a few of the numbers you can win more money if you match all of the numbers. Again, check with your casino to see how much you can win because every casino has different payouts. There is not a lot of skill required for video keno as it is usually a game of luck! Strategies for this game are basically useless but tips should always be welcome. If you want to win smaller amounts but to win a lot then play a max of four numbers. Consider matching number offers a 3 to 1 pay out.

Those who are interested in big time wins with large payouts should play as many numbers as you are allowed. Don't switch up numbers every time...keep the same numbers to better your odds of hitting. Keep the numbers until they hit! Another tip for you is this...the computer that selects the keno numbers has a tendency to pick numbers that are closer together as opposed to farther apart. The best idea is to group your numbers instead of scattering them about. The top two lines are usually good winners.

Video keno is a lot like playing the lottery which tells you that a lot of this is all luck! Follow these tips and you will be on your way to being a video keno winner! Go ahead...give it a have nothing to lose.