Why Keno is great when played for money

Keno is a great specialty casino game that has been around for quite a while. It is similar to bingo and similar to the lottery all mixed into one fast paced game. Keno is now played on virtual screens at real Casinos or on your computer screen at online casinos. You can also play Keno in North America (Canada and U.S.A For sure) on your lottery tickets. They are selected just the same way as you select your lotto tickets and a draw is held later in the week. The one thing about Keno is you need to understand the games odds and percentages at least a bit.

Keno: Understanding the game

Keno is a pretty simple game, it is bingo crossed with lottery tickets and goes by a card of 1-80. That means there are 1-80 balls that are in a Keno game, every new game 20 balls are drawn and you have to see if the numbers that you selected to be drawn are on the 20 balls in order to win a prize. Usually you are allowed to select up to 15 spots but each spot costs a wager amount and the odds get higher to win as you select more.

Keno can offer huge payouts with incredibly small wagers but...

It is not always wise to pick the absolute maximum of spots that you are given in a keno game just because you can. For example if a game offers you 15 choices it is a better choice to pick 11 spots instead of the max 15 spots because with 11 spots and 3 correct spots you receive a payout same as your wager. This means to pick a game that doesn't offer as high as payouts as some casinos, but does offer return on fewer matching spots. Another important tip is to pick an amount of spots ranging from approximately 50% to 75% of the ticket's spot limit. For example if 10 spots were the limit it would be wise to select 5-8 spots on this ticket.

The maximum spots that is usually allowed on any giving casino keno game is 15 spots. Although 20 spots is available in some places like the lottery, it is rare to find a casino offering 20 spots.

The reason so many people like Keno

If keno produces such a high degree of chance, how do so many gamblers exist as long as they do in the keno lounge? For one, these players know how to manage their money and odds. In a casino on land, this holds more true, since most casinos will allow bets as low as ten cents with certain tickets. In the online casino, many players will place a $1 wager with an amount of spots that has a substantial chance of returning at least their original wager back. For instance, a player can set $50 to the side for keno play, nothing more, nothing less, and make $1 wagers with 7 spots (at a keno game that allows bets as low as $0.25. In order to come even and win back the $1, 3 spots need to be hit. Now even though those aren't the best odds 3/7 is pretty easy to hit on multiple games which then repays your initial wager and allows players to play for long long times. Now if your just playing those 7 spots and every now and then you hit a 4 spots once or twice you start moving up way faster then you fall in money because 4/7 would be multiplied by 10.

Play Keno now online, it's a great game all around.